Cut Fuel Consumption With Clearview Double Glazing

Energy suppliers across Britain continue to raise their prices as a result of too many homeowners over relying on their heating systems. The reason for such hikes can also be put down to the fact that conventional energy is now in short supply and we all need to rely on it far less often if we want to protect the planet for future generations. Instead of just searching around for the cheapest price package, take a visit to Clearview.

Clearview Home Improvements are specialists when it comes to installing double glazing in Preston, double glazing in Manchester and double glazing in Liverpool. We know how effective double glazed windows can be when it comes to insulating properties and how they can bring down the cost of energy all on their own.

The frames we use are extremely durable due to the fact that they are made using UPVC, a material that is virtually indestructible. The two panes of glass also act to ensure that as little heat generated from your boiler is allowed to leave the confines of your property as possible so that you can turn your heating down or off at regular intervals.

The savings to be made when you install double glazing are extremely substantial and will more than pay back the original cost of having them fitted by Clearview. Once in place, you will be assured of cheaper home living as the average lifespan of a new window from Clearview is 20 years plus!

All windows can be finished in a range of different colours and shades so that you can find one that best suits the existing exterior of your home. We even finish the windows internally to help brighten your home both inside and out.

With three showrooms to choose from, there is nothing stopping you coming to see Clearview.

Visit your local Clearview Showroom

Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Preston showroom in Lancashire, or our Nantwich & Warrington showrooms in Cheshire, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.


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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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