Should You Choose UPVC Or Aluminium Crafted Home Improvements?

We’re big fans of UPVC and aluminium at Clearview and use both forms of building material to craft the wealth of products that we offer to our customers, including most of our conservatories, windows and doors.

Cream Aluminium Windows

If we didn’t believe they provided sufficient strength, stylishness and security, we would use alternative materials, but they never let us down, and they won’t let your home down either.

Quite regularly we’re asked the impossible question “which is better, UPVC or aluminium?”

It’s unanswerable and we just have to sit on the fence and say that they’re both equally as good as each other.

What we have less of a problem doing is informing you of the respective qualities of UPVC and aluminium…


Weather-resistant – Once the weather sinks its teeth into traditional wooden conservatories, windows and doors, their appearance gradually fades, and so does their level of performance. A UPVC equivalent can stand up to the weather, over a sustained period of time, without losing an ounce of its quality.

Low—maintenance – Time is precious and you don’t want to be spending your repainting, repairing, sanding or varnishing your windows and doors every few months. UPVC only requires the bare minimum of maintenance. You can wipe down the frame with a wet cloth to remove any marks or dirtiness in a matter of seconds.

Very affordable – You don’t need a big bank balance to purchase UPVC home improvements as they’re very inexpensive in comparison to some alternatives, and despite being low-cost, a UPVC product promises enduring quality.


Stunning aesthetics – Aluminium home improvements have that ‘X’ factor. They feature a fabulous powder-coated finish and their profile is unbelievably slender thanks to the flexibility of aluminium. If you want something ultra-modern, aluminium is for you.

Incredibly tough – The strength of aluminium is pretty much unparalleled, so any aluminium windows and doors will be a superb protective barrier. Putting a dint in aluminium is a near impossible thing to do.

Rich colour – We have already mentioned that the coloured finishes applied to aluminium products are powder-coated, and it takes a series of stages to get them just right. They cling onto the frame and retain a fresh look for years down the line.


Before you nail your colours to the mast and rule in favour of UPVC or aluminium, come to a Clearview showroom to see the region’s best showcase of UPVC and aluminium products.




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