4 Ways To Maximise Your Property’s Value With Clearview

The current Brexit impasse is causing huge uncertainty in lots of different areas not least the impact the situation will have on the housing market both in the short and long-term.

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This may leave anyone hoping to sell their home in 2019 fretting a little that they won’t be able to attract buyers and/or secure the true valuation for their property.

Though we can’t look into a crystal ball and tell you how it will affect the sale value of your home, we can inform you of measures you can take that will almost invariably maximise its value come what may.

Install a conservatory to expand the house

Very few people view having a lot of space indoors as a bad thing as a spacious interior makes home living more pleasurable and gives you far more lifestyle options. Instead of trying to convert a compact loft or unused garage into a living area, get a conservatory fitted.

Find the best conservatory installer for the job (Clearview obviously!) and together decide what conservatory style will best fit in with your home’s style and the way you intend to use it. A well-built and well-thought out conservatory could add at least 5% to the value of the house.

Ditch your old windows and old front door

Imagine you’ve never set eyes on your house before, go across the road and have a long look at it. Does it impress you? If not, it’s probably because your windows and front door have seen better days.

They may have lost some of their original colour or are made from timber that has started to rot and become unsightly. Whatever it is, replace them with brand new windows and a new front door.

They will rejuvenate the appearance of your exterior and instantly capture the attention of people who come to visit.

Create a killer new kitchen

Lots of UK families now spend the majority of their time at home in their kitchen rather than their living room. It’s a place where they cook, eat and socialise all in the one space.

Aside from the dining table, think about adding a breakfast bar where everyone can congregate before heading to work and modernise the look of the room by changing colour schemes, updating appliances and replacing any old work surfaces.

You could even install a smart fridge that plans your meals based on what ingredients you have inside and tells you when food is due to go off.

Love your garden

Owning a garden is a real privilege and it should be properly looked after if you expect it to help you acquire buyer interest.

It would be hugely off-putting if you were greeted by the sight of a garden that was overgrown and overrun with weeds, so get your hands green and remove any weeds by the root and cut the lawn. If it lacks a bit of colour, plant a few flowers and keep them well watered.


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