What Is An UltraRoof?

The prayers of thousands of home extension owners where answered when replacement roofing systems for conservatories and orangeries were rolled out onto the market as it offered them a resolution to any issues relating to thermal efficiency.

Ultraroof Conservatory External Roof Detail

Several varieties of replacement roofing systems have been developed since including one particularly stand-out product – the UltraRoof.

This immensely light and strong tiled conservatory roof can be quickly and easily fitted on top of existing or new window frames and doors. Often it takes only six hours to have the UltraRoof watertight as all the hard work of creating the perfect UltraRoof for the design occurs off-site, causing minimal disruption to your home life.

The UltraRoof is fully compliant with Building Regulations and has full approval from a number of bodies, so there’s little chance of the installation being frustratingly held up or upsetting local planners.

What makes the UltraRoof unique from most other roofing systems is that it can incorporate multiple glass panels which help to project natural light inside the extension. Some tiled conservatory roofs have the opposite effect and result in a noticeable reduction of internal brightness.

These glass panels reduce the risk of glare and are also self-cleaning which means exactly how it sounds; they can clean themselves.

Once the UltraRoof has taken the place of your old roofing system the space will feel comfortable in all weathers again, not overheating in summer or becoming bitterly cold in winter.

The polymer slates on the outside look impressively authentic and the UltraRoof is no less captivating on the inside.

A beautifully plastered internal pelmet sits around the perimeter of the ceiling into which spotlights and speakers can be inserted to bring artificial light and sound into the space.

Whether you want the UltraRoof put onto a Gable, Lean-To, Edwardian, Victorian Conservatory, Orangery or New Build Extension, Clearview has the capabilities to give you it. Several of the UltraRoof projects we’ve undertaken so far can be seen on our inspirations page.



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