Enjoy Your Conservatory All Year Round – Old Roof Off, New Roof On

Many conservatory owners will be dreading the arrival of winter if they know that their home extension provides insufficient insulation.

Once the cold gets hold of a conservatory that no longer offers consistently good thermal performance it’s impossible to use, that’s unless you’re happy to wear several layers of clothing indoors!

A solution to the problem has been developed and is available at Clearview Home Improvements so that you can utilise your conservatory in even the coldest conditions – a replacement roof.

Winter benefits of replacement roofs

A replacement roof will completely change the whole dynamic of your home extension and offers various benefits during the cold season:

Lower heating bills

Glass and polycarbonate roofs provide very little protection against the weather and play a major part in conservatories becoming too cold even in the mildest winters, and too hot in summer, especially in direct sunlight.

A thermally efficient, fully insulated replacement roof will dramatically cut the cost of your heating bills as it will reduce heat loss by up to 90% and leave the conservatory’s interior feeling continuously comfortable.

Quick installation

Please don’t worry if you’ve yet to have a replacement roof fitted so that the forthcoming winter doesn’t interfere with conservatory living.

It takes less than three days to complete a replacement roof project, so minimal disruption will be caused, and we can ensure the room is completely watertight by the end of day one.

Roof windows & spotlights

The days will be much shorter once the clocks go back and there will be a slight loss of overhead natural light once a replacement roof has been integrated into the structure.

Make the most of daylight hours by including one or more roof windows in the roof design. Mounted spotlights in the ceiling can also be switched on to create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings.

Get a replacement roof for less now!

It’s a brilliant time to be buying a replacement roof at Clearview as we’re currently offering £500 off replacement roofs. All you have to do to take advantage of this fantastic discount is to claim your discount voucher here.

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