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Let the nation rejoice; the sun is finally shining and not only that but temperatures have reached in excess of 20 degrees Celsius across the region. This improvement in the weather will be unanimously greeted with relief by many people, particularly amongst those homeowners who have been hit by expensive energy bills over the past few months.

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Literally everyone lucky enough to own a home has been affected by the rise in fuel in some way but those without double glazing more than everyone else. Single glazing simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to transferring the heat of the sun indoors and ensuring that any warmth produced by a boiler remains firmly trapped. Double glazing in Bury, double glazing on Chester and double glazing Crewe does, especially when bought from Clearview Home Improvements.

Our full window range is purposely designed to drag down the cost of your energy bills; it does this by heating your home more efficiently.

On sunny days such as those experienced over the past few days you won’t even need to bring your boiler into play as you can rely on them to keep your home feeling comfortable for the duration of the day. As a result, you can expect fuel costs to be a small fraction of what they might have been over the winter months with ageing windows.

Of course, we can’t expect temperatures to remain at such highs forever; if only!

When the cold weather once again rears its ugly head you should have no concerns about it having a negative impact on the overall temperature inside your home. Clearview windows work hard to keep the cold firmly out of your living space so that you don’t have to use your heating more than necessary.

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