Peace Of Mind For 20 Years – Clearview Provides An Industry-Leading Guarantee

The home improvement sector is a very crowded field. There are literally hundreds of window, door and extension specialists you can choose to improve your home, including Clearview. 

Glass & Brick Extension Exterior

How are you supposed to figure out which of these companies will be best for the job? 

We can’t, and wouldn’t speak for other installers, but what we can tell you is that Clearview is Lancashire and Cheshire’s best-loved provider of home improvement solutions. 

Our team has enhanced properties throughout the region over many years, and the people who make up our workforce really know their stuff, as well as knowing the local area like the back of their hand. 

Clearview also offers one of the industry’s longest product guarantees – 20 years. 

If you look into the guarantees of other installers, you will find out that most only provide a 10-year guarantee, whereas ours is double the length of that. 

You will struggle to get 20 years of cover anywhere else, and we have supreme confidence in this remarkably long guarantee. 

We have a superb manufacturing facility, with hi-tech machinery, where our products are built using the finest materials and components available. The craftspeople working in the site are also amongst the best in their discipline, who put their heart and soul into the sculpturing of each individual product. 

You wouldn’t believe how much testing we do, but it is essential that our products are subjected to intense assessments to help us make sure that they will last for at least two decades. 

You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to realise that you get greater value for money in the long-term from a product supplied with a 20-year guarantee, rather than one with a standard 10-year guarantee. 

And if you ever have a problem with one of our products, it’s nice knowing that it will be fixed for FREE for 20 years as part of our aftercare promise. 

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