BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK – Clearview’s Top 5 Energy Saving Tips

Did you know that this week is Big Energy Saving Week in the UK? If you didn’t, you certainly do now!

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This annual national campaign, which runs from 21st – 27th January, is the brainchild of Citizens Advice as they seek to help people cut their energy bills and get all the financial support they need to pay for them. It came about as there has been an unprecedented rise in household fuel costs in recent years, causing millions of households to fall into fuel poverty.

Is this the predicament you find yourself in? If so, here are five energy saving tips to reduce the financial headache caused by expensive energy…

  1. Search for a cheaper energy package

It seems such an obvious suggestion but there are still millions of householders that have never switched supplier and they’re losing out on so much money by failing to do just that.

Finding a cheaper energy package is literally a two-minute job. You just need your existing energy bill and to visit a comparison site. First-time switchers could save around £300 annually and perennial switchers can usually save a decent amount of money too.

  1. Fit energy efficient windows & doors

Now here’s a suggestion we can help you out with. The installation of energy efficient windows and doors will significantly improve home insulation if your current windows and doors do a poor job of keeping out the weather and keeping warm air in.

5 Star has an extensive stock of energy efficient windows and doors and once they’ve been expertly fitted by our team the inside of your home will feel so much warmer without the need for excess heater usage.

  1. Set your heating using the timer

We generally know when we will be in and out of our home, so rather than leave your heating on when it isn’t needed, use the timer function on your heater.

Set it to come on for when you’re getting up in the morning or arriving home from work and only heat the rooms that you use the most, not empty spaces e.g. spare bedroom, loft.

  1. Unplug fully charged devices

There’s always something being charged at home as we rely on mobile devices like phones, laptops and tablets so much nowadays.

Keep an eye on their progress as they charge as the charger should be removed once the battery level reaches 100% to retain the battery life and make sure not a single unit of energy is wasted. Energy will continue to be consumed when it’s fully charged and left plugged in.

  1. One boil of the kettle will do

A bad habit of some tea and coffee drinkers is that they will boil the kettle around 5 or 10 minutes before they intend on pouring a drink and then boil it again at the point they want their cuppa.

Just like you shouldn’t boil more water than you need, you also shouldn’t boil the kettle more than once if you don’t need to as a full kettle costs 2.5p to boil.


Clearview has a cracking choice of energy saving home improvements. To save more money on them, have a look at our Special Offers page.





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