3 Home Improvement Projects Ideal For The Smaller Home

3 home improvement ideas for smaller homes

Over the last year, what may have become blindingly obvious to you is that you desperately need a bit more space at home. 

You certainly won’t be the only householder thinking along those lines as the average size of a new-build home in the UK has decreased by 20% during the last four decades. 

Moving to a bigger place may not be an option. So the only other thing you can do is declutter the house and then try to somehow make it feel bigger. 

Relying on our experience, we can offer up some ideas that will make a seemingly small home feel deceivingly spacious.

Hang mirrors on your walls

You will have heard about this tip before, but it really does work! You just have to ensure the correct type of mirrors are used and in the correct areas. 

Large mirrors with small frames will work best and should be positioned as close as possible to a window – grouping together lots of small frames won’t be as effective. 

Any mirror needs to be installed so that the middle of it is at eye-level of someone of average height, and don’t put it too near a wall or edge of a ceiling.


Paint walls in a light colour

Instead of doing the mirrors trick, another crafty ploy is to apply a light-coloured finish to your walls. 

A pure white finish will help reflect the natural light that comes from outside in those brighter rooms. In any rooms that don’t receive much natural light, go for the opposite and choose a black finish. 

When repainting your walls, it’s worth also taking your paintbrush to the ceiling, trims and doors. Use the same colour throughout.

A colour pallette for an extension

Get bi-folds, French or patio doors installed

If you have some outdoor space at the back of your property, you want to capitalise on it with the addition of bi-folding, French or patio doors.

The opening that you can generate with each of these attractive door solutions will eliminate the barrier between your home and garden, unifying them to establish one vast living area. 

You won’t be able to have them open all of the time, due to the weather, but when closed, the huge glazed sections will help to transport the sun directly into the heart of the house.

A partly open bi-folding door

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