3 Hot Home Trends You Need To Know About In 2021

With restrictions tightened by the government once again, it’s no surprise to hear that many homeowners in this country will be pumping some of their hard-earned cash into their properties in 2021 and improving their living quarters. 

If it’s something you’re also considering, you need to decide what courses of action you’re going to take. 

Unsure what to do for the best? Clearview has scoured the internet for home improvement ideas and managed to uncover 3 of the biggest predicted home trends for 2021.


One current craze that repeatedly comes up when searching for 2021 home trends is ‘cottagecore’. 

It has strong appeal with those who wish to experience the cosiness of a countryside lifestyle in their home space, the countryside being a place we immediately associate with greenery, florals and farm life. 

To achieve the cottagecore look, make use of your dresser and adorn it with vintage china, incorporate floral patterns into your walls, and add a farmhouse-like table to your kitchen area as a centrepiece.

Home Offices

Millions of us worked from home in 2020, and this will continue through at least the early part of 2021. 

Anyone WFH should have a dedicated office space where they can get their duties done as productively as they would in their normal office. 

If homeworking will be a permanent thing for you going forward, think about having a purpose-built office added onto your home, otherwise, find an area where plenty of light gets in that has enough room for you to do your best work.


It’s no longer the selfie that you should be sharing on social media, but the ‘shelfie’. 

Most Instagram users will be well aware of the ‘shelfie’ hashtag, used when Instagrammers post photos of their biggest and best shelf stacked with carefully displayed colourful items. 

Arrange an eye-catching shelfie with multiple ceramics, glassware and decorative plates on each level, all of which need to be well colour coordinated, before taking out your camera to snap it for social.

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