Are Orangeries Worth The Investment?

We’re not going to lie to you and say that orangeries are inexpensive as they’re not, but when you compare how much it costs to buy and get an orangery fitted as opposed to a normal home extension we reckon it’s pretty good value for money.

Modern Glass Roof Orangery

There’s usually a lot less planning and design involved in bringing an orangery to life and often you don’t have to contend with Building Regulations. You’ll also usually get an orangery that’s similarly sized to a normal home extension for far less than the latter option.

You have to keep in mind how much work goes into constructing an orangery, particularly with regards the base as the foundations need to be rock solid. This may take several weeks while the installation is a much simpler task and can sometimes be completed in just a matter of days. Much of the money you pay for an orangery goes towards the creation of the foundations and building work, with any windows and doors and the roofing system used accounting for the rest of the investment.

Do not be tempted to cut corners, especially when it comes to the glass in the roof as this will increase the chances of draughts, leaks or cracks occurring in the future. Every orangery needs a reliable roof if you’re to enjoy comfortable all-year round extended living. It should also accommodate roof vents to allow any hot air to escape from the space. Yes, these vents will cost you, but you will rue not having them if the orangery fails to provide sufficient thermal efficiency. You may also be wise to include floor insulation for those exceptionally cold winter days and nights if there’s a lack of insulation within the design as who wants to spend their time in an icy cold orangery?

Our biggest piece of advice to anyone considering getting an orangery would be that you shouldn’t just agree to the cheapest quote you receive as quality tells. What a waste of money and space it would be if you end up with an extension that is largely inhabitable for significant portions of the year. We very much doubt that anyone would want to go to the trouble of resolving such issues further down the line.

So, in short, the answer is a resounding YES! Orangeries are definitely worth the investment, and even more so when bought from a proven orangery specialist like Clearview. All our orangery options can be found here.


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