Decorating Ready For Summer

There’s a load of early sunshine around and it’s only March! Well, perhaps your conservatory is starting to get more usage than it had in the winter months. If that’s the case, here at Clearview, we’ve got some tips for you to be able to enjoy your conservatory and the weather this summer.

If you’re quick about it, you can have everything ready by the time the warm weather finally hits us here in the UK.

Comfy Furniture

There’s always time and space for bold, bright colours in your conservatory. From conservatories to outdoor garden furniture, there’s plenty for you to think about decorating come the summer time.

If you don’t already, you should invest in some comfy furniture. Not just for your conservatory but for your patio or decking too. How about some big, cushioned armchairs to lounge about in on a nice hot summer’s day?


It’s all about colour to bring any part of your house when there’s a season change. If you want to add a summer feel to your house, you should definitely start thinking about adding some new colours to your conservatory.

A conservatory is a kind of gateway to the outside, while not actually leaving your house so why not bring some of the lovely summery colours inside with some bright, bold yellows and greens.

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