It’s National Home Security Month – How To Improve Your Home Security

In October of each year since 2013, it’s been National Home Security Month, an initiative set-up to increase awareness of the importance of home security.

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We all need to be on our guard against the ongoing threat of home burglary, particularly as the number of home burglaries in the UK has risen 9% between 2016 and 2017.

This should serve as a warning to every homeowner to check that their property is completely secure both when they’re in and out of the house, otherwise you run the risk of having your possessions taken away.

The chances of that happening are much lower when you take all or at least some of the security precautions we suggest to our customers.

Fit a set of contemporary windows and doors

You may have been living with your old windows and doors for many years and in all likelihood the resilience they once offered many have diminished somewhat. The locking system incorporated into their design could also be insufficient for the present day.

They should be taken out and replace with the very latest UPVC or aluminium windows, UPVC or composite doors as they provide greater toughness and have far more sophisticated locking mechanisms. Also, don’t make the costly mistake of inadvertently leaving your windows and doors open as for starters, this could invalidate your home insurance policy!

Have someone look after your home when away

Do you really want to be stepping on a plane worrying about the security of your home? We suspect not which is why you should ask someone you trust to check up on the house in your absence.

Their job should be to call in a couple of times each day to draw open / close your curtains, and remove any post from your letterbox. This will make it less obvious that the house is largely sitting empty and lessen the chances of a thief trying their luck.

Install the best alarm you can afford

If any proof were needed that some UK homeowners aren’t taking home security seriously enough, this statistic says it all – only 30% of British homes have an alarm system in place.

It’s a surprising figure when you consider that an alarm is a very effective deterrent and enough to make most thieves scarper. Try not to be put off by the cost of a good alarm as it could prove to be priceless if it stops someone from getting into your private living space.

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