Summer Is A Great Time To Invest In An Orangery

Last summer still lives long in the memory for most of us Brits after it became our joint hottest summer ever. We can only hope that the weather this summer will be in a similar vein, and if it is, how do you like the sound of enjoying it inside a luxurious new location where you get the most amazing view of your garden?

Traditional Orangery with Patio Doors

What is this location? It could be a conservatory, though, we were more thinking about an orangery for those in seek of something slightly different from the norm.

Your initial thought at this suggestion may be that an orangery will be far too hot when exposed to high temperatures. While that would be true of a traditional orangery constructed from timber and covered with a glass or polycarbonate roof, a modern-day orangery is an energy efficient space that can thermally adapt to conditions outside.

Our full suite of modern and traditional orangery designs are made with the specific purpose of providing householders with a stylish space they know will be as comfortable in summer as it is in winter.

Orangeries do contain a higher proportion of brickwork than conservatories, but this doesn’t stop them from supplying you with unspoilt external views. An aluminium orangery is particularly good at doing that due to the slenderness of the aluminium frames which enables very large pieces of glass to be placed inside of them.

Despite the attachment, you will have to an orangery very quickly after beginning to use it, there will be times during the summer when you just want to escape from the extension and make your way outdoors. You could do this via a set of bi-folding doors, patio doors or French doors, as they can easily be integrated into most orangeries, and be positioned so that they give you a direct pathway to your garden.


If you would like to take in some of this summer inside of an orangery, you need to order it NOW, especially as it may require planning permission and/or building regulations approval first. Book an appointment with Clearview today to get the whole process underway.


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