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How To Make Your Home A More Secure Place To Live

Where is the year going? As we now enter October, the nights are drawing in fast and they will do so even more quickly in a few weeks’ time, when the clocks go back an hour.

Burglars love the autumn and winter months because in their minds, it gives them an increased chance of breaking into homes undetected, and you never know. Your home might be their next target! 

If that thought sends a shudder through you, take it as a warning and strengthen your home security this October, during what is also National Home Security Month.  

It can be done in several ways, but we’ve narrowed it down to three of the most important home security steps you can take:

Install a working burglar alarm

A burglary occurs in the UK every 106 seconds, and an average of over £3,000 is nabbed by thieves. It’s not that surprising though when you consider that only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm. 

If you’re currently without an alarm, look into bells-only alarms, silent alarms, wireless alarms and dialler alarms, and get one installed as quickly as possible. You can usually get a good alarm for just £200. 

Modern burglar alarms are very clever and will trigger the instant a break-in is detected. 

Give a dummy alarm a miss – thieves can spot one a mile off.

Get out of the habit of leaving out a key

Sometimes burglars don’t even need to break a window or door to access a home. They just look underneath an outdoor mat or plant pot and find the key to the house, letting themselves in with it. 

Imagine trying to explain that to your home insurance company! They take a dim view of it. 

Don’t take the risk any more and get a spare key cut for anyone who may need it and who you completely trust. 

Take any keys out of your locks too just in case someone can get their hand in and swipe them.

Fit a secure set of windows and doors

Your windows and doors will be the first areas a burglar targets to try and gain access to your home. 

Any flaws in them will be exploited, so check to make sure that your locked windows and doors don’t budge a single bit when you apply a little force to them. If they do, get them removed and replaced with up-to-the-minute windows and doors. 

They will have multiple secure components to ensure that when they’re locked, they stay locked. The glass in the windows and doors will also be internally beaded, so this will prevent the removal of it from outside of the house.

For anything to do with windows and doors, Clearview is on hand to help. We can put together a FREE quote for them here.

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