3 Ways To Give The Sun A Better Route Into Your Home


With the clocks shortly set to go forward an hour and us being on the cusp of spring, you will have started to notice a change in the weather and that extra bit of sunlight.

The additional light is very welcome after the dark winter months, and it can make such a difference to our homes, as when they are light-filled, they feel more spacious and more inviting, and this can often positively influence our mood. Do you wish that your home captured more natural light? It will do exactly that if you employ our tried-and-tested methods of pulling the sun indoors.

Switch to aluminium windows

Other than through your doors, it’s through your windows that your home predominantly relies on light, and it helps to have windows that possess a large expanse of glass with minimal framework.

Aluminium windows have a design that encapsulates this, featuring an amazingly slender window profile and vast glazed section, which aids with light transference and also gives you the most amazing external view.

Few materials possess the strength of aluminium, but despite its resilience, it can be moulded very simply to create super-slender window frames. Once fitted, they will have a hugely positive impact.

The inside of a window

Do some gardening

Take a look outside and see if there’s anything that’s stopping the sun from getting in as much as it could be doing, such as if there’s any overgrown trees or plants obstructing your windows and doors.

Cut them back and get them out of the way. You won’t believe the difference that it makes as suddenly your interior will feel way brighter than it did before.

An extension with patio doors

Fit a skylight and some roof windows

Lifeless spaces can be instantaneously transformed with the addition of a skylight to the space, a huge glass covering that will capitalise on the skies above.

If you have ever seen a skylight, you will know just how impressive they look and how much of an architectural feat they are. You can use tinted glass in a skylight for the purpose of generating a certain mood inside of a space.

Roof windows are often added to solid roofs to compensate for any loss of natural light that occurs as a result of replacing an old conservatory or orangery roof.

These roof windows have an opening function, so they’re also useful for ventilation and drawing in fresh air.

A skylight in an extension

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