Are You Giving Your Tenants A Fair Deal?

As the recession began to take hold and the UK housing market started to flounder there has been a huge increase in the demand for private rented accommodation. This spelt good news for landlords as it gave them the opportunity to fill their property and attract a healthy rental prices.

However it is being reported that in some cases tenants are being charged more on their energy bills than those who own their own home or live in social housing, an average of £31 than those owning a home and an average of £90 more than those residing in social housing. This news comes according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Head of UK Policy, Jeremy Blackburn at RICS said: “Those renting privately should expect the same standards in insulation and heating as homeowners and those in social housing. More needs to be done to ensure private rental property is fit for purpose and energy efficient.”

By failing to make your rental property energy efficient and with tenants becoming more aware of the need to improve thermal efficiency to keep the cost of heating down, you could be running the risk of alienating potential tenants.

There is little excuse for not making a conscious effort to invest in home improvements. Products such as double glazing and UPVC doors are widely available from companies such as Clearview Home Improvements and can offer warmth and comfort that you would normally feel in conservatories in Merseyside and conservatories in Manchester.

Once such measures have been implemented, tenants can then expect to pay far less on heating bills which could be the incentive they need to want to stay in your rented accommodation, meaning that you could be quids in.

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