Why Working In A Home Office Beats Going Into Your Usual Office


Why Working In A Home Office Beats Going Into Your Usual Office.

Has your employer given you the option of WFH?

The pandemic changed so many things in life, not least the way in which many of us work, with many millions of people now working from home either permanently or part-time.  This has seen a rise in demand for home offices – we’ve designed and built plenty of them over the past year or so. It’ll be so much easier to do it if you have a purpose-built office space at home, which will come with other advantages.

Home Office Working

No distractions

It can be hard concentrating in a busy office full of other people, with conversations and the ringing of telephones filling the air and the distraction caused by this affecting your productivity.

Silence will be golden in your own home office, and if you want a bit of atmosphere, at least you will have control over what’s playing on the Spotify playlist.

Just make it clear to other family members that during work time you’re not to be disturbed so that you can get on with your tasks.

No more commuting

Being stuck in gridlock or on a heavily populated train or bus most mornings and evenings is never pleasant.

You won’t have to travel anywhere if you have an office in your house. When you calculate the savings you will make on petrol or fares each year too, you will see that it can add up to several hundreds of pounds.

Already being at home immediately after you clock off will also give you more family time for a better work-life balance and we know how precious that is.

No enforced workspace

What we mean by that is in a traditional office you are told where you’re sitting and don’t have much choice about it.

Other than maybe displaying a photograph of a loved one on your desk, you also don’t get much opportunity to personalise the space.

In a home office, you will be working in a space that’s totally bespoke to you, where you’ll feel comfortable, and can make it your own, however you want, without rebuke.

If this has all convinced you to take up the offer of WFH, get in contact with Clearview about having a home office constructed at your home. Arrange a FREE quote here.

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