Weighing a fraction of a traditional roof, our replacement tiled roof system for conservatories and orangeries also needs minimal maintenance.
A solid tiled roof adds a completely novel dimension

Our solid roofs for conservatories and orangeries are manufactured using the latest solid roof tile system and are a great way to revitalise your tired conservatory or orangery and restore your pride in it.  Solid roofs are the perfect solution for creating extended comfort inside your conservatory or orangery regardless of the weather outside.

Instead of the traditional glazed or polycarbonate roof – a solid roof consists of tiles offering extra strength and durability. Our tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes to match your home and you can even include glazed windows within your roof with our new UltraRoof system.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Opting for a solid tiled roof from Clearview provides many benefits…

For a conservatory or orangery to be fully functional throughout the year it needs to be properly insulated so that whenever you walk inside its glamorous confines it feels cosy. To get that feeling every time you utilise the space make sure that you ask us to fit a solid roof to the top of the design as it contains a rigid insulation board and insulated plywood.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory
Add a touch of luxury to your conservatory…

We call it a solid roof for a reason. It’s because it has a solid feel that will spread to the entire interior of your conservatory or orangery so that it forever feels energy efficient and adds huge amounts of warmth. Because of its design some natural light will be lost but you can still expect to feel bright and spacious due to the windows and doors. Much time and effort has been dedicated towards its appearance so that it exceeds the look of the roof that it is replacing.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory
Tiled roof conservatory features

Share the ideas you have for your tiled roof conservatory with our designers, and they will incorporate those ideas into the final design.

If possible, please try and take some measurements and photographs to hand over to the designer at your design appointment so that they can get a firm grasp of what is required and produce an appropriate solution.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Living Space

Tiled Roof Insulation

The materials complied to make the Warm Roof, including rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, are thermally efficient and prevent heat loss, keeping the room at a more comfortable temperature all year round and increasing its usability.

Tiled Roof Tiles

Externally the lightweight roof coverings emulate the appearance and colour of traditional roofing tiles or slate so that you can choose a finish that is in-sync with the rest of the property.

Tiled Roof Glass

Available with a variety of styles and roof glazing to suit all, so you can find the best option to suit you and your home. Glass panels and Velux windows can be seamlessly integrated exactly where you want them.


Fully insulated internal Pelmet which gives a room-like feel and is ideal for downlights and speakers.


Clearview has a carefully selected range of finishing touches for our tiled roof conservatories, including various attractive colours and rugged tile options.

We offer two distinct tile solutions

The lightweight tile we supply for conservatories and orangeries is way lighter than a traditional roofing material and needs hardly any maintenance.

Ideal for designs with a low-pitched roof, our lightweight slates are a fantastic alternative to a traditional slate roof and have a more timeless look.

All our powder coated aluminium finishes are of the highest quality, and are fade resistant...

The 11-stage powder coating process that contemporary Aluminium is subject to, induces strong paint adhesions and results in a true colour which is sheer quality to the look and touch.

Similarly contemporary Aluminium woodgrain finishes benefit from a unique process known as sublimation which results in Walnut, Rosewood or Oak appearances which are utterly convincing and second only to real wood itself.

Beautiful window handles for your frames…

Our craftspeople put an immense amount of time, effort, and detail into all our traditional and contemporary-styled handles, and you will get a kick out of using them when closing and opening your windows.

The windows will be securely fastened when locked due to the in-built secure locking system.


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