3 Big Home Trends For 2022

Home Trends For 2022

Feeling the January blues?

Introducing a few changes to your home will cure those blues and ensure your home is ready to take on the New Year.

Let Clearview guide you with three of the most significant home improvement and interior design trends of the year:

Multi-functional spaces

In 2022, your home should be ready to take on a whole host of needs.

As expected, home offices will continue well into 2022 and beyond. You may already own a guest bedroom slash home office, but what about a guest bedroom slash office slash gym? 

Perhaps you need to be creative with your vision. Your dining room could make a great place for some extra storage and your conservatory playroom could moonlight as a place for entertaining in the evenings.

Multi-functional spaces in homes

Grandmillennial decor

Is there anywhere more cosy and welcoming than your grandma’s house?

In these uncertain times, people are seeking comfort in their homes. Grandmillennials are millennials who embrace a traditional look when it comes to decorating their homes.

Think needlepoint cushions with quotes hand-stitched on, patterned curtains and lots of joyful personality added to your space.

Many millennials are bored of the cloned, minimalistic, modern homes they see celebrated on social media. Instead, they are injecting individuality to their homes with meaningful decor that sparks memories and smiles.

Grandmillennial style homes

White is out

People are ready to experiment with colour in 2022. Similarly to the grandmillennial trend, homeowners are tired of the cold, neutral colours that offer very little to your space.

Brown and other colours found in nature will make a big impact in homes this year, with every shade from chocolate brown to terracotta showing up on furniture and decor. 

The softness of earthy tones will be a stark contrast to the clinical tones of white that are often favoured.

Don’t forget the significance of Pantone’s Colour of the Year, “Very Peri”, the bold blue hue with violet undertones in decor too.

2022 Home Colours

If the New Year has you craving a fresh new look for your home, get in touch to discuss how Clearview can help.

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