Top Tips To Keep Your Home Looking Sensational In Summer

Although the recent weather seems to suggest something different, the summer hasn’t ended quite yet, so you shouldn’t become complacent with regards your home.

What do we mean by that? Well, with over 14 hours of daylight still being received in the region, its exterior very much remains in the spotlight for large parts of the day, and you don’t want it the appearance of the property to disappoint onlookers and passers-by.

Be proud of where you live and care for it like you would a member of your family; it is after all, the family home!

There are infinite measures you can take to improve the condition of your home’s exterior, but we have narrowed them down to three of the most effective forms of action you can take…

  1. Do some window and door cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your windows and doors? If we’re talking some time ago, we doubt they will be doing your home any favours, especially if they’re the original timber windows and doors.

UPVC and aluminium windows, and UPVC, aluminium and composite doors are the easiest to clean as you don’t need any fancy cleaning solutions. A wet cloth should be enough to wipe the frames clean of dirt and make the glass shiny and streak-free with the use of a squeegee.

Maintaining timber windows and doors is a bit trickier. If you’re lucky, they might just need repainting, or you might have to restore the frames. Our suggestion would be to have them taken out and replaced with something more modern and low-maintenance (get a copy of our Windows and Doors brochure for ideas).

  1. Make your garden gorgeous

What good is it having a front garden if you don’t look after it properly? Paying little attention to your garden could actually hugely work against you.

Don your best gardening gloves and make clearing the lawn and its surrounds free of any rubbish the first priority. Then crank up the lawnmower and cut the grass, before strimming around the edges of the lawn.

If you want to add some immediate colour to the garden head for the nearest garden centre and purchase some container plants and bedding plants. You could also fill a hanging basket with some colourful plants and display it next to your door.

  1. Drive away the dirt in your driveway

As much as we all love being at home, we have to go out to work in the car and a car-free driveway will really expose it to the outside world.

A dirty driveway needs an extreme clean to rid it of any weeds and moss that have become ingrained in the surface. What you need is a power washer, something you can either buy or rent.

The immense water pressure it releases will effectively shift dirt from block paving, concrete, natural stone, crazy paving, tarmac and pattern imprinted concrete.


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