How To Get Your Front Door Looking Insta-Worthy

How To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door

If there is any part of your home that you really ought to pay attention to, it’s your front door.

It’s our front doors that people often judge our homes on, particularly prospective buyers if they are looking to buy a new house. 

Impress everyone from the off by making your front door a standout feature that they simply cannot miss. 

You will find some gorgeous front doors on Instagram if you use hashtags like #frontdoor or #frontdoors, and can use them as a source of inspiration. 

Clearview can also inspire you with ideas:

Coloured finish

Whether buying a brand-new door or repainting your old door, selecting a coloured finish will be one of your most important considerations. 

The safest and most classic colour options are grey, black and white, but colour palettes for modern doors are very broad nowadays and include colours such as Chartwell Green and Duck Egg Blue. 

Even a pink door could work, but more of a muted pink would be recommended, rather than a bright pink, which may startle many people.

A purple front door

Door wreath

You will find that the majority of the most ‘liked’ front doors on Instagram will have a door wreath hung outside of them. A wreath is no longer just a Christmas ‘thing’,

If you buy all of the relevant items you need, you could try and make a wreath yourself, or just get one that’s premade. Most summer wreaths will feature colours such as orange, pink and red. 

Change your door wreath every few months. It would make sense to do it every season.

A door wreath


In addition to the inclusion of a door wreath, most Insta-worthy doors also have planters displayed close to them, usually on either side. 

By far the most popular plants for fashionable front doors are twin potted bay trees, which have a knack of making a door more noticeable than it would be without their presence. 

You will need to keep on top of watering the trees and any accompanying hanging baskets so that they don’t die on you. Reduce the need for watering by selecting low-maintenance plants.

A black front door

There are some gorgeous-looking front doors in our replacement door range that are all more than Insta-worthy.

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