The 2020 Home Trends You Need To Know About…

It’s unbelievable how bare the inside of your home looks once you have taken down the Christmas tree, put away all the tinsel and removed your Christmas cards from the mantelpiece and window cills.

Extended Interior in Extension

It could prove to be a catalyst for some householders and spur them into shaking up the look of their interior to make it feel full of energy and fashionable again.

If that’s the feeling you get when you see your festive-free living space, you should press ahead with updating it.

But, before you do, have a read of what Clearview believes will be the biggest home trends of 2020 and use them as inspiration so that any modernisation of your interior looks perfectly on point…

‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’ will be this year’s hottest colours

It’s always a big event when Dulux and Pantone announce their Colour of the Year and this time around, they have respectively gone for ‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’.

A pale greyish green shade, Tranquil Dawn is, in the words of Dulux, “a colour inspired by the morning sky, to help give homes the human touch.”

It will have a very calming impact on a room, so may be buy a sofa in the colour and use it as a statement piece.

‘Classic Blue’ is quite a contrast to its opposite number and according to Pantone: “Instils calm, confidence, and connection”.

Because it’s such a dark blue, it’s suggested that ‘Classic Blue’ be used sparingly so that it’s not overbearing, perhaps just painted onto an accent wall or by putting out some Classic Blue coloured throws on your furniture.

Eco-friendly pieces will be in high demand

When searching for homewares and furnishings online, people are increasingly using terms like ‘eco’ and ‘green’ in a conscious effort to make sustainable purchases.

There are many companies that now solely specialise in producing homewares and furniture from recycled materials and steer clear of things like plastic.

While they often cost more than cheap mass-produced goods, recycled pieces are worth the added investment if only for how they help us eliminate waste.

The ‘Japandi’ style is set to take off

As the name infers, there is an Oriental element to this emerging style which is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

Identifiable by its clean lines, neutral tones and natural textures, Japandi embraces natural beauty and very much obeys the time-old adage that less is more.

It’s predominantly about practicality and functionality.

This article gives a more thorough explanation of Japandi and provides you with six ways of bringing the style into your home.


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