How To Create An Exciting Conservatory Interior This Spring

If it’s been several years since you had your conservatory installed at home, the initial excitement it brought to the entire family may have died down a little.

Large Loggia Conservatory Internal Image

Bringing back that buzz that everyone used to get when entering into the extension could be restored just by making some cutting-edge changes to its interior.

What sort of cutting-edge changes? We are always following current trends and there’s lot of them that you could incorporate.

To narrow things down, here are three of the most fashionable measures you can take to create a thriving conservatory interior…

Bi-Folding Doors

There is an increasing desire to bring the outdoors indoors and bi-folding doors completely eradicate the barriers that presently exist between conservatories and gardens.

When there is sufficient capacity inside the design, a huge opening can be established as a bi-folding door can be fully folded to one end, maximising the view of a garden from a conservatory interior. You could have a bi-fold that stretches 7-panes wide if you want, and my goodness they are so pretty to look at!

When opened, your conservatory will feel totally different, almost as though the garden is right at the heart of it.

Solid roof

Part of the reason why you don’t get as excited about spending time in your conservatory’s interior as you once did could be because it feels too cold in winter and too hot in summer. This is all to do with the roofing system. In most circumstances, it is very easily replaced.

The application of a made-to-measure solid roof will improve thermal performance and ensure you can use the conservatory in comfort throughout the entire year. Quick and simple to fit, normality will be restored in no time as insulation will be significantly improved.

Living Coral

The colour of the moment is ‘Living Coral’ after it was announced as Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year. It has been described as “buoyant, vibrant and effervescent”.

There are lots of ways to can bring the colour into your conservatory. You could buy a Living Coral coloured blanket that you sprawl out over the sofa, coffee table, or maybe upcycle some furniture and apply a coat of Living Coral paint to it. Use your imagination and be creative with how you inject the colour into the design.


You could steal some ideas from our Living Spaces page. It’s full of images of some of the elegant lifestyle extensions we have fitted across Cheshire and Lancashire.




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