Why Appointing A Local Home Improvement Specialist Is Always Best

There is a flood of home improvement companies throughout the UK, with so many businesses vying for your custom when you want to enhance your property.

Clearview showroom

You have the big guns – the large national conglomerates. Then there are the many regional home improvement specialists, like Clearview. And, finally, those who work for themselves – the one-man-bands.

Who do you go with, and who can you trust?

You will be unsurprised to hear that we rule in favour of the regionals, but we say that with some justification, not just because we are one.

We know Cheshire and Lancashire better than anybody

Most of our staff members live in the region, so they know the area, and are also fully up-to-speed with local planning laws.

They’re in regular contact with local planning committees and therefore have a good inkling of what they will and won’t accept when it comes to planning applications for proposed extensions.

A national installer situated in Norwich, for instance, is unlikely to have that localised knowledge.

We’re well-known in the area

Mention “Clearview” to people you know and there’s a strong possibility they will have used our company, or at the very least, seen our adverts during a Corrie ad break.

There has been a sea change in recent years, with more and more householders choosing to take their custom to local firms, rather than the big-name brands. We have profited from this.

We’re not far away when you need us

If, during the warranty period, your conservatory starts leaking or a window becomes faulty, you need it repairing quickly.

It’s extremely rare for this to happen with any of our products, but if it does, Clearview can be on the scene quickly to conduct an appropriate fix. A company located several hundred miles away is unlikely to be quite so speedy, which could prove costly.

We have showrooms on your doorstep

You wouldn’t buy a car or house without seeing it first, so why do the same with your home improvements?

Clearview has a total of three showrooms in the region where you can view a large majority of our products, whereas most national brands and one-man-bands don’t have a showroom for you to visit.

We offer fair finance

You can get finance from many of the big-name brands, but they usually come with eye-watering rates of interest. And finance is rarely an option when buying from a one-man-band.

On the other hand, Clearview offers a series of flexible finance packages, all designed to help make your payments more manageable.


An extensive document further outlining the benefits of opting for regional companies is available as a FREE download on our Helpful Guides page.




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