4 Ways To Maximise Your Property’s Value With Clearview

Moving house may not be on your agenda for 2018, but circumstances can sometimes very quickly change and you may find yourself trying to sell up this year or at some point in the future.

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Whether that happens or not, you should be continuously exploring ways of enhancing your home as doing so will often increase the resale value of the property and potentially leave you quids in when selling.

We have, at the very least, 4 products within our extensive range that will help give you a sure-fire route towards a profitable sale:

Home extension

Orangery & Extension Combined

We are always crying out for added spaciousness in our homes and sometimes no matter how much decluttering we do it’s never enough to free up enough floor space. A permanent home extension such as a conservatory or orangery resolves the issue.

Clearview possesses the design skills needed to fashion a home extension that looks as though it’s always been a part of your house. A carefully integrated home extension can improve the resale valuation of a property by around 7 per cent and very few buyers will turn down the luxury of extra space.

Replacement windows & doors

Double Glazing

The ageing process will often get the better of old windows and doors and leave them looking tired. This will reflect badly on your home and could have an influence on how people perceive the property before they even walk through the front door.

Only positive things will be said about the place when you replace them with UPVC or aluminium windows and doors. They promise stunning aesthetics and will also improve thermal efficiency indoors which will subsequently keep the cost of energy bills down.


Sometimes you don’t need to extend the back of the house to generate more space. A porch installation at the front will create a handy amount of space that you will find useful for storing jackets, hats, scarves etc.

Your entranceway will look better than ever before and help draw more attention to the property. The porch can also be called upon whenever you are expecting a delivery but won’t be in the house at the time as the porch can house any deliveries.

Bi-folding doors

Tiled Roof Extension & Bi-Fold Doors

Owning a garden is a definite luxury and you should embrace the opportunity to enjoy it as often as possible. Fitting bi-folding doors that directly connect your interior to the exterior will give you the perfect excuse to escape.

The elegant styling of bi-folding doors alone is enough to make you fall in love with them, so just imagine the effect they will have on prospective buyers! During the summer months they will be in constant use.

Clearview can give your property a price boost

Clearview is standing by and waiting to take you one or further steps closer to a more complete property with added value. Call or request a quote online today.

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