Is Triple Glazing Really Better Than Double Glazing?

It is a debate that has raged on ever since triple glazing was made more widely available in the UK, after previously being the preserve of colder countries like those within Scandinavia.

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One thing we can all definitely agree on is that triple glazing is more expensive to buy than double glazing, but is it worth the extra investment? That is the big question many want answering.

We will outline the various differences between double glazing and triple glazing to hopefully give you an understanding of whether it’s right for you.

Noise Reduction

Some householders are troubled by external noise more than others; we’re talking about those residing next to a busy road, train line or airport. Testing has found that the extra pane of glass included in a triple glazed window does help to reduce noise pollution and has more acoustic benefits than double or single glazing, but primarily when the triple glazed unit is 44mm deep.


A low U-value indicates that a window is good at retaining heat, whereas a high U-value highlights the opposite. Some double glazed windows, with the right configuration of glass, offer surprisingly low U-values, not much less than some of the best triple glazed windows on the market. It’s up to you to weigh up whether the slightly improved heat retention provided by a triple glazed window justifies you paying more than you would for a slightly less energy efficient double glazed window as the energy savings between the two is pretty minor.


Home security is a big concern for householders. The insertion of a 3rd pane of glass in a triple glazed window makes it much tougher to break than a double glazed window, particularly if toughened glass is used as the middle pane. It is worth mentioning though that both double and triple glazed windows are internally beaded, so therefore the glazed unit can only be removed from the inside of the house.


Whether triple glazing will overtake double glazing in the same way that double glazing overtook single glazing is most probably unlikely, but there are merits to making the leap from double to triple. In some respects it is better than double glazing; in others it’s difficult to separate them.

For many, money will be the deciding factor, however, the price difference between double and triple glazing is reducing.

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