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Patio Doors

Clearview’s sliding patio doors are ideal if indoor space is limited…

Because of the unique nature of its operation – Patio doors allow you to position furniture and other objects within close proximity of the door. The patio door almost floats along the stainless-steel runners which allows for effortless opening and closing, and the expanse of glass actually creates the feeling of more space. Thermally efficient and reassuringly secure, our sliding patio doors can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Patio Doors

They can consist of two or more panels, which can each be sliding or fixed, depending on your preference. When locked shut they will also enhance security as they come installed with a locking system designed to shut the door in the face of burglars or any other sort of disturbance.

When fully extended open, a Patio Door will completely transform your abode and give it an invaluable added dimension. Simple to operate with minimum strain required on your part, each opening will resolve any space-related issues.

Patio Doors
Anthracite Grey Patio Doors

Create a bold beautiful opening

Patio Doors can be specially configured dependent upon the space at your disposal as two, three or four panes can be integrated accordingly and you can define your preferred opening. Assessment of any available space prior to the installation process taking place will be necessary to help define the most suitable and effective sliding Patio Door available.

Aluminium is all about sleek sightlines and maximum glass areas...

Aluminium offers several qualities but its most prevalent feature is its sleek sightlines which enables a sizable expanse of glass to be inserted within the frame. Those who opt for aluminium are very rarely left disappointed by their decision such is its knack of giving a property of any age some much-needed kerb appeal.

The subtleness of the intricate contour on the external side of the frame gives it a beauty that you only thought could be achieved with traditional timber. The powder-coated finishes applied to the profile also give it a rich and deep texture.

Triple Track Sliding Doors - Detail

All our powder coated aluminium finishes are of the highest quality, and are fade resistant...

The 11-stage powder coating process that contemporary Aluminium is subject to induces strong paint adhesions and results in a true colour which is sheer quality to the look and touch. Similarly contemporary Aluminium woodgrain finishes benefit from a unique process known as sublimation which results in Walnut, Rosewood or Oak appearances which are utterly convincing and second only to real wood itself.

UPVC offers low maintenance, long lasting and is very affordable...

UPVC is the favoured material for the majority of homeowners which is no surprise when you consider how affordable, enduring and easy to clean it is. The level of energy efficiency UPVC provides is incomparable too making it a popular draw for anyone looking to reduce the cost of energy bills and reliance on central heating. It oozes in charm and authenticity.

Patio Doors

An elegant handle is a must…

Furnishing your patio door is one of the most exciting parts of the entire process as you can choose a handle that fits with your personality.

Your choice of handle will also have a huge bearing on the overall design, so pick it carefully.

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Learn more about patio doors

Patio doors are a great way to connect your home and garden. To find out more about this style of glass feature door available from Clearview you can read answers to our most commonly asked questions below. If you have any other questions or would like to design your own door, contact our team or visit your nearest showroom.

What are patio doors?

Patio doors are versatile doors that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Comprising two or more panels, these doors can be either sliding or fixed, offering flexibility tailored to your preferences. Equipped with a secure locking system, they provide peace of mind by fortifying your home against potential intrusions or disturbances when securely closed.

When fully opened, patio doors seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, adding an invaluable connection to your living environment. Their user-friendly operation requires minimal effort, effortlessly resolving any space-related constraints. They can also be customised to fit specific spaces, accommodating configurations of two, three, or four panes.

Assessing the available space in your Lancashire or Cheshire property beforehand is crucial for selecting the most suitable sliding patio door configuration, ensuring an effective installation. The advisors at Clearview Home Improvements can help with this.

How energy-efficient are patio doors?

Patio doors contribute significantly to a home’s insulation and energy conservation.

Our patio doors feature insulated glass panes with advanced glazing technologies that help minimise heat transfer, reducing energy loss. This specialised glazing acts as a thermal barrier, effectively preventing heat from escaping during colder seasons and limiting heat infiltration in warmer weather.

Moreover, our modern patio doors incorporate high-quality frames made from materials like aluminium or UPVC, which are both renowned for their insulation properties.

Our properly sealed patio doors also mitigate draughts and air leaks, enhancing overall energy efficiency. Their ability to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption makes patio doors a valuable addition to North West homes seeking to optimise energy usage while enjoying the benefits of natural light and outdoor views.

Can I use patio doors in my conservatory?

Patio doors are a fantastic choice for conservatories.

Patio doors, available in sliding or fixed panel configurations, provide an elegant and practical solution for connecting indoor spaces with the outdoors.

Their seamless operation and space-saving design are well-suited for conservatories, as sliding patio doors glide effortlessly along their tracks, requiring minimal space to operate. The panels don’t swing in or out, which can be advantageous in smaller areas like conservatories where space optimisation is key.

The versatility in panel numbers and configurations allows for customisation based on the available space, accommodating two, three, or four panels according to individual preferences. Moreover, patio doors, when fully extended, create an inviting transition between the conservatory and the surrounding outdoor area, allowing abundant natural light to flood the space while providing picturesque views.

What security features do glass doors have to keep my home safe?

Clearview glass doors are equipped with several security features to ensure the safety of your North West home.

One crucial aspect is the use of highly durable glass. This specialised glass, even if shattered, tends to break into small, less harmful pieces, minimising potential hazards.

Additionally, our glass doors are often integrated with robust locking systems. Multi-point locking mechanisms engage at various points along the door frame, enhancing security by making it more difficult for intruders to force entry. Reinforced frames made from sturdy materials like aluminium or UPVC also bolster the door’s strength, contributing to overall security.

These collective features work together to fortify glass doors, providing Cheshire and Lancashire homeowners with peace of mind and ensuring the protection of their property.

How can I customise my new patio doors?

Customise patio doors with material of your choice (aluminium or UPVC), colours, and handles.

Customising your new patio doors offers a myriad of possibilities to tailor them to your preferences and complement your home’s aesthetic. Firstly, the choice of material, such as aluminium or UPVC, allows you to select based on durability, maintenance requirements, and design preferences. Aluminium presents a sleek and contemporary option, while UPVC offers versatility and excellent insulation properties.

Our many colour options further enhance customisation. Whether opting for a classic white, bold hues, or woodgrain finishes, our team of advisors can work with you to ensure the colour palette matches your interior or exterior decor seamlessly. Dual-colour finishes are also available, allowing different shades on the interior and exterior to harmonise with both indoor and outdoor spaces.

You can choose from an array of handle designs, from modern to traditional, ensuring they complement the overall look of your patio doors. Additionally, the number of panels can be personalised, offering configurations with two, three, or more panels to suit your spatial requirements, optimising the flow between indoor and outdoor areas.

Overall, customising your patio doors allows you to create a personalised, stylish, and functional entryway tailored to your unique preferences and home design.

Considering patio doors – what happens next?

In order to help us create your ideal proposal for your new patio door, we’ll have a chat and gather a few more details. How we meet is entirely up to you – we’re totally flexible to suit your lifestyle. Just let our team know which option you prefer when we contact you.

Clearview Showroom Design Appointments

Showroom Visit

We have the perfect setting to get inspired! You’ll be able to see a huge choice of patio doors and replacement windows to really get a feel for what you like. One of our specialists will gladly show you around and work with you to design and price your home improvements.

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Home Visit

If you’re comfortable with a home visit, one of our specialists will visit at a time to suit you. We will advise on patio doors, technical details and measurements, ensuring we can bring your ideas to life and provide you with an accurate quotation. We’ll only stay for as long as you like – a typical visit lasts around one hour.

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Online Video Chat

Let’s face it, these days we all lead busy lifestyles and your time is precious. If you prefer, we can speak to you via video link at a time to suit you. Using our very latest design software, we can create your perfect patio door design with you on screen and give you an instant price from the comfort of your sofa.

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We’ve got dozens of product sets, hi-tech software, colour samples, and must-read brochures to embrace and enjoy, with experts to guide you at whatever stage you’re at in your buying. Basically, there’s inspiration at every turn in a Clearview showroom.

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Now you’ve come to the end of this page with its product information, inspiration designs and innovative ideas, hopefully you’re eager to visit a Clearview showroom. It’s a great way to get a feel for what you like. And you can actually experience what owning our fabulous range of patio doors is all about. You will find a huge range in a variety of colours, styles, finishes and options.

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