3 DIY Jobs That You Can Do At Home This Summer

Who hasn’t had a DIY disaster at home? We’ve all done it and been left holding our heads in our hands. But you shouldn’t let it completely put you off giving some DIY a go again.

Maybe whatever you attempted was just a little bit too ambitious and you weren’t experienced enough to take it on. 

Build up your confidence by doing some simple DIY tasks around the house. When you get them right, you will feel so good about it, and it will encourage you to attempt more in the future. 

Clearview can offer you 3 possible DIY ideas that we believe you will be able to do successfully:

Quickly modernise your cabinets

Your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms will be full of cabinets and if they don’t look quite as nice as they used to, it won’t take you long to change that. 

Unless the units definitely need replacing, hold on to them and just repaint their exterior or reface the outer surface with a new covering in any colour you like. Prior to doing that, upgrade the hardware, if it’s tired and worn. 

The rooms the cabinets are in will look refreshed, and it will hardly cost you any time or money to sort it. 

Create a photo gallery on a wall

Wondering how to decorate a bare wall in your living wall? Instead of just wallpapering or painting it, use it to display lots of treasured photos. 

See if you have any unused frames in the house, or you can buy some cheap enough, and put in them snaps of your friends and family, or if you love music, make a list of your favourite albums and frame the artwork from them. 

It would be more interesting to look at if the frames are all quite different in shape, size and colour. Hang them up with care to avoid damaging the wall, or yourself!

Fashion garden items out of pallets

Don’t neglect to give your garden some TLC too as you want to be outside of your house for much of the summer, basking in the sunshine. 

As well as manicuring your lawn, you could create things out of some wooden pallets, which you may have sitting unused somewhere. 

It won’t be too challenging to turn the pallets into vertical planters if you fancy doing some plant growing at home, or they can be transformed to make a wooden bench, which you can then cover in padding. 

If it will take more than just DIY to improve your home and you want additions such as new windows and doors, you would be advised to contact Clearview for help.

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