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Conservatory Upgrade & Replacement

Clearview can transform your old conservatory in just 5 days! Our unique approach to conservatory upgrades gives you total design flexibility.
Why choose a conservatory upgrade...

Refurbishing your conservatory will undoubtedly improve the warmth, comfort and appearance of your room and transform it into a space to enjoy. Upgrading the windows, doors, and roofing system will dramatically reduce heat loss and save you valuable £££s on your heating bills, whatever the weather outside.

Don’t let your conservatory’s potential go to waste! Clearview can carry out a conservatory upgrade and add value to your home whilst also giving you a refreshed and rejuvenated living area.

Conservatory Upgrade
Change the way you use the space...

Our unique approach to conservatory upgrades gives you the freedom to do just about anything. You can add walls and windows wherever you want them, allowing you to create your perfect space.

Let your imagination run wild. Your old conservatory can become your dream open plan kitchen, a TV room or living area, or even a playroom or downstairs bedroom.

Conservatory Upgrade
Conservatory upgrade in less than 5 days...

Your draughty old conservatory can be transformed into your dream extension in just 5 days with Clearview! Profit from an immediate return on your investment through an increased property value. What’s not to love?

Additional Space | 1m²

Build Time | 4.5 Days

Value Added | £35k

Old conservatory to a beautiful living space extension...

Modernising your outdated conservatory into a stunning living space extension will breathe new life into your whole property. Incorporating the latest new upgrades that the market as to offer, Clearview will make your space look and feel so much more appealing.

Incorporate skylights or a dramatic feature door to flood the space with natural light. And once Clearview have completed your conservatory upgrade, you can integrate stylish décor and furnishings to create a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere.

From timber to a modern conservatory upgrade...

Changing from an old traditional timber structure to a UPVC or aluminium design will not only make your conservatory more visually appealing, but will also ensure it is more durable, energy efficient and low maintenance.

UPVC and aluminium structures resist rot, warping, and decay, prolonging their life and reducing repair costs, so with minimal upkeep required, you’ll gain long-term benefits and peace of mind. UPVC and aluminium also offer superior insulation, keeping your home warm and comfortable all year round and reducing your energy bills.


Benefits of a conservatory upgrade

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from a conservatory upgrade – fall in love with your home all over again, whilst adding value to your property at the same time. Improved insulation is also a huge benefit of upgrading your old conservatory, locking in the internal heat and preventing it from escaping through the roof and walls, making it a more enjoyable living environment.

Design Flexibility

Tailor your space to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Choose from versatile options and finishes for a personalised touch that transforms your conservatory upgrade into a truly bespoke room.

More Energy Efficient

Enjoy reduced energy bills and a more comfortable living environment. Our advanced materials will improve insulation, meaning your conservatory upgrade will lose less heat in winter and retain a comfortable level of natural heat in summer.

Quality Finish

Your old conservatory can be transformed into a stunning new living space that not only looks great inside and out but is also extremely durable and backed by our exceptional guarantee.  Our materials are hand-crafted in the UK by our manufacturing partners and expertly installed into your home.

Added Value

Renovating your old conservatory into a bona fide home extension with full Building Regulations approval will add instant value to your property, increasing its worth and saleability.  It will also change the way you use the space forever.

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How would you use your conservatory upgrade

Imagine being able to actually use, and even fall in love with your drafty old conservatory again! But here’s the most exciting bit – how will you use the space?  The possibilities are almost endless – but here’s a quick snapshot of some of the most popular ideas our customers have chosen.

Kitchen Extension

Open Plan Kitchen

Most of us dream of a lovely open plan kitchen area, making mealtimes and entertaining more social and enjoyable.  Imagine being able to talk and engage with your family and friends whilst dinner is being prepped.

Conservatory Upgrade Home Office

Home Office

Ditch the grinding daily commute and work comfortably at home in a distraction-free private home office which is closed off from the rest of the house.

Conservatory Upgrade Playroom


Your kids will love you for treating them to their own playroom where they can have fun with their toys and games and watch their favourite TV shows.

Conservatory Upgrade Living Area

Living Area

Whether it’s a TV or cinema room for enjoying your favourite shows, or a peaceful room to enjoy the garden views, our design flexibility allows you to add walls and windows exactly where you want them.

Conservatory Upgrade Utility Room

Utility Room

Move those larger essential appliances out of a cramped kitchen into the conservatory and carry out those household chores in their own dedicated space.  Less noise and less mess in your kitchen.  Perfect.

Conservatory Upgrade Downstairs Bedroom

Downstairs Bedroom

Wish you could invite a friend or family member to stay overnight but don’t have the bed space? They would have a restful sleep in a tranquil conservatory, transformed into a peaceful guest bedroom.

No conservatory upgrade should be without new window frames

Why just replace the roof when lots of heat can be lost through outdated drafty frames too?  When replacing the windows and doors in your renovated conservatory upgrade, you need to consider things like security, appearance, and thermal efficiency. These aspects may influence your choice of either UPVC or aluminium as the two materials offer several different attributes.  Investigate the different frame types and colour options to help you make the right choice for your home.

Introducing our Extreme UPVC Window Collection...

Opt for Extreme protection and insulation for your conservatory with Clearview’s signature Extreme UPVC Windows. The Extreme is our best performing window, crafted from premium UPVC.  Each element of the Extreme window works together to achieve the ultimate in energy efficiency, security and performance at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Each window features 9 visible locking points and 2 high compression hinge bolts, giving you three times more protection than traditional windows.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

Colour options for Extreme windows are so wide-ranging nowadays…

In the earliest days of UPVC, you had to accept white frames, like them or not, but those days are long gone. There’s a whole host of colours to choose from so you can get creative, including Cream, Black, Irish Oak, Olive Grey and Anthracite Grey for customers who are contemporary-minded.