How To Decorate Your Home For The Festive Season

It will be an unconventional Christmas for practically everyone this year, but it should still be an enjoyable time if you get into the festive spirit. 

Any Christmas parties you had lined up that had to be cancelled could always take place ‘virtually’, and there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from decorating your house. 

If you haven’t yet had your decorating day, do it today. 

Pop on your favourite festive knit, get a bit of Mariah blasting out from your stereo, and have a glass of mulled wine poured out for the occasion.

Santa will be blown away by the sight of your house on Christmas morning when it incorporates decorations like these:

An upside-down Christmas tree

If you don’t have much floor space and want to stop any pets from getting at your Christmas tree, hang it from the ceiling instead of placing it on the ground. 

Lots of people are doing it this year, including Ariana Grande, and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good for you. Don’t tell her though that upside-down Christmas trees were actually first a thing back in the Middle Ages. 

They’re being sold by retailers like Christmas Tree World, and you will see them being posted on Instagram.

Stairs styled for the season

Stairs are often overlooked when decorating, but they shouldn’t be as they can be dressed just as much as windows and doors. 

From the top to the bottom of your bannister, or at the base of it, you could have an all-natural garland, or alternatively, wind a stringed garland around the stair rails. 

Don’t leave the steps bare either. Have little Christmas boxes placed on each of them, with gifts inside ready for the big day.

A wrapped front door

Have a separate day for wrapping all your presents, when you can also wrap your front door very much like a Christmas present. 

It will make a refreshing change from the usual door wreath and only requires some fabric, a large bow, scissors, heavy duty magnet and some duct tape. 

Accurately measure the door so that the fabric can be cut to size, and then wrap the door with it and tape it down. You will need the heavy duty magnet to keep the bow in place.

A new front door might be needed for the New Year if your current door lacks that star quality. Get a FREE quote for one from Clearview today.

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