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Why Solid Roof Conservatories Are A Growing Trend

13th December 2016

Ask an owner of a traditional conservatory for any qualms they have with their home extension and their most likely reply will be that it gets too cold in winter and too hot in summer. It’s a common complaint and one that’s hugely frustrating for those who are left with no other option but to...

Nationwide Reveals The Most Valuable Home Improvements

19th April 2016

There are several possible motivations for investing in home improvements; to make your home look more appealing, more enjoyable to live in, and more valuable. That third motivation will be most pertinent to those who are looking to sell up and get the best possible price for their house. If you fall into this category...

How To Improve Your Old Conservatory

3rd February 2016

Just like you never want to get out of a warm cosy bed at this time of year, nor will you want to enter a conservatory that feels incredibly cold. Many old conservatories are left unused throughout our coldest season purely because they’re unable to provide the thermal efficiency needed to keep the inside of...

4 Reasons To Buy A Conservatory For Christmas

23rd October 2015

There are around 9 weeks left until Christmas. Have you considered whether your home has the spaciousness you need to accommodate family members and friends over the festive period? If space indoors is tight then you can always restore it by integrating a conservatory or orangery design into the existing building. There is still time...

Greetings Pop Pickers, Enjoy Our Top 20 Home-Related Songs

17th September 2015

Looking for a new playlist on your iPod or Spotify account? Clearview Home Improvements has wracked their brains and come up with a Top 20 list of tracks/artists mentioning things relating to the home: Walking on Broken Glass – Annie Lennox I’ve Got The Key, I’ve Got The Secret – Urban Cookie Collective Lock All...

Make Small Improvements To Bring Your Home Back To Life

27th February 2015

Our home is the most important place in the world. It‘s the place where you feel safe, relaxed and you know that everything will be OK, one way or another. This is why it is very important to not lose track of your property and let it become an undesirable place to be. You can...

Refresh Your Home For The Spring With New Heritage Windows

18th February 2015

If you’re tired of the traditional look of UPVC windows or annoyed at the high energy bills you have to pay because you’ve decided to keep the original windows that came with the house, Clearview has the perfect solution for your problems. Unfortunately, as pretty as they are, old-school single glazed windows could be quite...

Get In Touch Now And You Could Have A Conservatory In Time For Spring!

29th January 2015

Thinking about installing a conservatory or orangery? Now is the perfect time to commit to that project, order your conservatory or orangery from Clearview now to enjoy it this spring. At Clearview we have a wide variety of glass extensions perfect for any home in Lancashire. If you’re not sure which conservatory will best suit...

Looking To Upgrade This January? Get In Touch With Clearview!

20th January 2015

During January everyone tries to make improvements. Whether they join a gym, give up drinking or just try to get more sleep, everyone is looking to improve themselves this January. While you’re busy improving yourself this year, make time to improve your home as well. At Clearview Home Improvements we have a wide range of...

A Conservatory Is the Perfect Family Treat This Christmas.

24th November 2014

Looking for more space this festive season? Whether you’re hosting a small group of friends or your whole family the space a conservatory provides is invaluable at this time of year. However, a conservatory is for life not just for Christmas and its uses long outlast the Christmas season. Conservatories from Clearview Home improvements are...

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