Why Solid Roof Conservatories Are A Growing Trend

Ask an owner of a traditional conservatory for any qualms they have with their home extension and their most likely reply will be that it gets too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

It’s a common complaint and one that’s hugely frustrating for those who are left with no other option but to leave their conservatory sitting empty for long periods of the year when all they want to do is utilise it to its fullest.

Until recently there was very little that could be done to resolve such problems. That was before the development of the solid roof, an advanced conservatory tiled roofing system that offers outstanding thermal performance and transforms conservatories into the cosiest havens.

Solid Roof Conservatory

The trend in solid roof sales is clear

Solid/Ultra roof conservatories first became available at Clearview in 2014 and have massively grown in popularity over the last 2 years, a reflection of how effective they are at making conservatories, habitable 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Solid/Ultra roof conservatory sales figures in 2015 doubled at Clearview in comparison to 2014, and whilst our 2016 sales figures only run to the end of Oct, solid/Ultra roof conservatory sales at Clearview are already double what they were in 2014.

More than just exceptional energy efficiency

Retrospectively fitted to an existing conservatory or ready incorporated into a brand new conservatory, improved thermal efficiency is just one of many benefits of committing to a solid roof.

Here are some of the others:

1. Complements the roof of the house

The tiles used in the solid roof design can be finished in a number of colours. This allows customers to choose a finish that complements the colour of their house roof tiles so that the aesthetics of both match.

2. Accommodates roof windows and other day-lighting options

Depending on your choice of roof, you can choose between Velux’s roof lights or full length glass panels within the roof structure which will bring additional natural light into the structure, helping to make the interior feel extra spacious. Velux’s can be used to provide additional ventilation during the warmest months also.  Those wanting to enjoy their extension fully at night time can have downlighters placed into the roof space too.

3. Flexible design

Solid roof additions can be retro-fit onto almost all existing conservatories (subject to adequate foundations), you can also have the option of changing the roof style, for example, existing Victorian conservatories can be fitted with an Edwardian solid roof which provides corner facet roof over-hangs, ideal for positioning external down lighters.

4. Adds extra value

Research has shown that conservatories appeal to homebuyers, but they’re unlikely to appeal quite as much if the conservatory fitted lacks in thermal performance. A solid roof conservatory provides greater peace of mind and can make a home more valuable. It could be the decisive factor that persuades someone to put in an offer for your property.

5. Enduring and resilient

Unlike traditional tiles which are susceptible to cracking and deteriorating over time, the tiles included in the solid roof are robust enough to withstand all kinds of weather thanks to their patented technologies.

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