Double Up On Glazing And Reap The Rewards

The idea of double glazing windows is something that has been around for many years yet there are still homes that do not take advantage of the amazing benefits that it offers. This is perhaps understandable when you consider that single glazing has been used in windows for over 1500 years whereas double glazing window units are a fairly recent innovation. Regardless of how long we have used single glazing, the facts remain the same; double glazing is the better product.

The issue with single glazed windows is the lack of a barrier stopping heat transfer from the warm inside of a home to the cold outside world. The single pane of glass allows the two temperatures to directly touch either side of the glass, this causes heat exchange where by the warm air tries to heat up the cold air. When you consider the amount of space that windows take up on a house it is easy to imagine just how much heat can be lost when the outside is colder than the inside. These are not the only shortcomings of single glazed windows; the thin glass and weak frame make them vulnerable to break ins and other damage.

The reason that double glazing does not have the same issues is the way in which both the glass and the frame is manufactured into a solid double glazed unit. The frame of the glass is larger and stronger than it is for single glazing, partly to hold the extra weight and partly to be more resistant to heat transfer. The way the glass fits into the frame is where the real changes occur, instead of a single piece of glass, there are two separate panes with a gap between them. The two panes of glass do not touch: the thickness of the glass pane is not what creates the energy efficiency. Instead, it is the gap between the glass panes that does the hard work. This gap is often filled with a special gas like xenon which is not a thermally conductive as air is; this means that now the heat from inside must pass through a piece of glass, through the gas and then through another pane of glass.

So if you are thinking about new windows then why not check out double glazing in Stockport, double glazing in Manchester or double glazing in Oldham and reap the rewards of doubling your glazing!

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