Don’t Get Bored With The Bad Weather

Most people will agree that rain and cold weather is the worst part of winter. Rain in particular keeps you stuck indoors, and with small children this can turn a relaxed weekend into chaos. There are some tried and tested activities you can do to keep them entertained when the weather keeps them indoors.

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Just because they are indoors doesn’t mean they can’t move around to use up some excess energy. Interactive games on the Wii and Xbox Kinect keep your children active and entertained. It’s a great way to incorporate exercise into their day without them feeling like they’re doing P.E at school.

Just because they are indoors doesn’t mean they should be stuck in front of the TV. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out the old board games at the back of the cupboard. Board games teach children maths if dice are involved, how to take turns and keep track of lots of different elements of play at once.

This is also the perfect time to work on any homework or assigned reading they have left over from last week. While they might not want to do homework, it’s a great way to keep them occupied for a few hours.

To do most of these you need some dedicated space for your children to use. We recommend turning your conservatory into a space just for the kids to play in, read and do their homework. Thanks to modern glazing technology you can use your conservatory all year round making it the perfect play room for the kids.

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