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Nationwide Reveals The Most Valuable Home Improvements

19th April 2016

There are several possible motivations for investing in home improvements; to make your home look more appealing, more enjoyable to live in, and more valuable. That third motivation will be most pertinent to those who are looking to sell up and get the best possible price for their house. If you fall into this category...

Let In The Sunshine With Clearview Home Improvements

8th July 2014

We rarely get sunshine in the UK. Now that the weather is heating up it’s important to make the most of the summer sunshine and brighten up your home. At Clearview Home Improvements we have a range of products perfect for letting the sunshine into your home. We have a variety of windows that are...

Top 3 Interior Design Trends for 2014

22nd January 2014

There comes a time in every household where the homeowner will feel like it’s time to make a change to the way that the inside of their house looks. Whether it be a new paint job in your living room, tiles in your bathroom or some new furniture in your conservatory. Everyone gets bored of...

Create The Perfect Place To Study This Winter

15th October 2013

Those with children will be aware that sometimes it is a battle trying to get them to do their homework or revise. The internet is filled with study guides and revision tips but unless they have the right space to study, no revision guide in the world will help. To study properly it’s important to...

Dress Your Windows To Impress This Autumn

26th September 2013

It’s starting to get colder and many people will be starting to decorate their homes for autumn. Most people will be digging out blankets and making their homes cosier to fend off the autumn chill, but one part of the home people forget about is their windows. Dressing the windows for autumn is as important...

Create Your Perfect Space With Bright Accessories

15th August 2013

So many people write into Home Interiors magazines complaining that their conservatory looks very beige. Not that there is anything wrong with neutral tones, but sometimes you just have to be bold. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with colour and see what you can do with your space. To make an impression when...

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