Dress Your Windows To Impress This Autumn

It’s starting to get colder and many people will be starting to decorate their homes for autumn. Most people will be digging out blankets and making their homes cosier to fend off the autumn chill, but one part of the home people forget about is their windows.

Dressing the windows for autumn is as important as getting the colour scheme in the room right when you first decorate. Filling your room with the right accessories and furnishings and then ignoring the windows can prevent a room looking its best.

Changing the curtains for autumn can really rejuvenate the appearance of your room and potentially save you money. Heavier curtains keep heat inside the home which means you’ll use your heating for less time throughout the day. Heavy fabrics with dark colours also add to the cosy effect that’s popular among homeowners during the autumn months.

However, bright colours don’t need to be banished from the home just because it’s autumn. By incorporating bright colours into the room through the use of flowers and statement accessories such as vases and statues you can keep a room inviting throughout autumn.

No matter how well you dress your windows, the effect will be ruined if you don’t have efficient double glazing. Energy efficient double glazed windows can help keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills as you’ll rely on your central heating less.

Clearview Home Improvements are on hand to help you get your home ready for the cold months ahead so you can sit back and enjoy your home in comfort and style.

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