Create Your Perfect Space With Bright Accessories

So many people write into Home Interiors magazines complaining that their conservatory looks very beige. Not that there is anything wrong with neutral tones, but sometimes you just have to be bold. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with colour and see what you can do with your space.


To make an impression when you have a bit more cash floating around a brightly coloured sofa can completely change a room. Bright reds and pinks and deep purples can make a room seem warmer and cosier. For a lighter and fresher appearance try going for a powder blue couch. All of these are different from the standard options of white and brown couches and are bound to make an impression.

If you don’t want to change your sofa then there are other ways to bring colour in to your rooms. Some simple yet bright accessories can reinvent a room. Accessories allow you to experiment with colour without making a huge investment. If you’ve ever been curious about using yellow and orange in a room a lamp or cushions are quick ways to introduce them.

Block colours aren’t the only way to brighten a room, by introducing patterns into the room you can add colour in a unique way. Use offcuts of wallpaper to customise existing furniture or invest in some new curtains.

There’s no reason to stick with the safe colours of brown and white this summer. Colours can make a space more inviting and you’ll be surprised at how much more time you spend in the conservatory once you’ve given it a face lift.

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