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Clearview’s architectural services
Delivering construction projects to the highest of standards, on time and within budget.

Not just a building company

At Clearview, we’re proud to offer independent designers and architectural firms a comprehensive suite of services that you simply can’t get through typical building companies. We’re the only company in the North-West who can support you in each phase of your project.

Design support

With decades of experience in creating award-winning extensions, Clearview has the expertise to turn your concepts into build-ready designs, ensuring that any plans meet manufacturer and structural requirements.

Rendered designs

Our talented design team transforms proposals or finalised plans into captivating 3D renders. Utilising our state-of-the-art software, you can explore your project in detail, make real-time adjustments, and experience the space before a single brick is laid.

Planning permission & regulations

Navigating the complexities of planning applications and building regulations can be daunting task. We can take care of this on your behalf, coordinating with relevant authorities to secure the necessary approvals for your project.

Structural expertise

Our surveyors assess all designs to guarantee their suitability for manufacture and installation. We provide in-depth knowledge of product-specific limitations and ensure precise structural calculations for your project.

Project build & management

Utilise Clearview’s skilled trades teams and project managers to complete and oversee the building works, delivered on-time and within pre-agreed budgets. We’re well versed in the home improvement market and can address the core challenges your projects may encounter.

Maintenance & aftercare

Our commitment extends well beyond project completion. We provide regular maintenance checks, addressing any issues promptly. With access to our dedicated aftercare engineers, you can ensure your client’s living space remains comfortable and enjoyable for years to come.

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