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3D rendering & virtual reality with Clearview
Say goodbye to sketches and two-dimensional drawings.

Transforming ideas into reality

Clearview are here to help transform your home extension ideas into reality. Whether you’re at the concept stage or have detailed architectural plans, we have the tools and expertise to bring your vision to life with 3D renders and virtual reality.

State-of-the-art 3D rendering

Our in-house design experts employ cutting-edge, industry-specific software to create your home extension design in 3D, complete with images of the existing home, for a truly immersive experience. 3D rendering offers a unique understanding of how the new living space will look and function, allowing you to grasp a project’s potential without laying a brick.

Benefits of 3D rendering

Our virtual reality headset takes your design experience to the next level, allowing you to step into your potential new living space, explore its possibilities, observe window placements, potential furniture layouts and make real-time adjustments.

  • Save time and money on concept designs.
  • Help clients make informed decisions.
  • Create a lasting impression with your client.

Experience your design with VR

Our virtual reality headset takes your design experience to the next level. It allows the client to be able to step into their potential new living space, exploring its possibilities, taking note of features, window placements and making live adjustments in real-time.

Easy sharing & collaboration

From the 3D render, we can create videos and stills, which are a great takeaway for clients making considerations. By using Clearview’s service, it saves you from the complexities and costly expense of investing in software, whilst still having the ability of offer your client a unique experience.

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