Make your dream space from wasted space

Turn your old conservatory into your dream home extension in under a week with hup!
hup! Conservatory Transformations

Is your conservatory a dumping ground?

If your conservatory has turned into a wasted space which is only used as a dumping group, closed off from the rest of your home, then it’s time to transform your space so it can be used as your intended, as your dream extension! With hup! you can rebuild your conservatory into a brand-new extension in less than a week. Select the placement of walls, windows, and doors, and complete your hup! with the roof style of your choice.

Speedy conservatory conversions with hup!

Thanks to hup!’s lightweight design, you can utilise your existing conservatory base, resulting in a quick and cost-effective build which you couldn’t do with traditional brick and block. That, along with the slim profile of hup! walls mean you’ll gain an impressive 10-15% more floor space compared to traditional alternatives.


The Better Way To Build


Pre-manufactured off-site with no need for new base work.

hup! can be assembled and made watertight within two days.

With no use of cement in hup! builds, there will be minimal mess and no weather delays.


hup!’s lightweight materials ensure that your new extension is lighter than your current conservatory.

This allows you to build onto your existing base, keeping costs down and construction times short.


Surpassing the average UK home, your new hup! extension is five times more energy efficient.

Your hup! extension could cost up to £1000 less per year to heat than your current conservatory.


Unlike your old conservatory, a hup! extension contributes to the saleable footprint of your home, increasing its overall value.

The slim profile of hup! walls mean not only will your conversion look great, but also an increase in saleable floor space.

Ground-breaking building technology

hup! is an innovative new building system, integrating patented technology that seamlessly blends the strengths of timber and steel construction, achieving U-Values ranging from 0.12 to 0.17 that surpass Building Regulations.

The rapid construction of hup! involves walls clicking together to form a robust I-Beam structure, surpassing traditional methods in terms of strength. Precision engineering at the millimeter level and a quick clip-fit installation process enable hup! extensions to be constructed five times faster, allowing you to transformation of your old conservatory in less than a week.

Ultimate design freedom

Until now, transforming your old conservatory often meant replacing the roof, possibly upgrading windows and doors. Now, for the first time, you can construct a new extension in a timeframe similar to just replacing the roof.

hup! offers ultimate design flexibility, providing you with four roof options and you can also decide where you would like the placement of your windows and doors. Compatible with any external wall finish, hup! empowers you to customise your new extension so you can really make it your own.

Flat Roof hup Extension
Hybrid Roof hup Extension
Tiled Roof hup Extension
Glass Roof hup Extension

Case Studies

Tiled Roof Extension

Tiled Roof Extension

In under a week, this hup! extension replaced an old conservatory, adding considerable value to the property.

Additional Space | 1.2m²

Build Time | 5 Days

Value Added | £21k

Flat Roof Extension

Flat Roof Extension

Breathing new life into this old conservatory, a beautiful Flat Roof extension was added, transforming the space.

Additional Space | 1m²

Build Time | 5 Days

Value Added | £31k

Tiled Roof Extension

Sarah's Tiled Roof Extension

In less than a week, Sarah upgraded her outdated and neglected conservatory into a modern, energy-efficient extension.

Additional Space | 1m²

Build Time | 4.5 Days

Value Added | £35k

British Board of Agrément (BBA)

The Ultrapanel technology used inside hup! has been independently and thoroughly tested, assessed and approved by the BBA for use in UK housing products.

Ultrapanel passed the BBA’s evaluation in the areas of thermal performance, structural performance, condensation, fire and durability.

Fire Safety

Applus confirmed that fully assembled hup! walls comply with Building Regulation fire safety requirements. Independent fire tests also confirm that the fully assembled structure of the hup! tiled and hybrid roofs comply with all Building Regulation fire safety requirements.

NHBC Accepts

The Ultrapanel technology used inside hup! is used on new houses across the UK and this has been ‘Accepted’ by NHBC who provide guarantee’s on new homes.


The Steel Construction Institute (SCI) conducted two strength tests on hup! walls and compared them to traditional brick and block walls. Vertical loadings are the same strength as a brick wall and lateral strength is 70% stiffer than a brick wall.


Assent is a Building Control Approved Inspector that works to industry codes of conduct and building control performance standards. hup! walls and roofs are fully Building Regulation compliant and have been pre-approved by Assent to minimise red tape and provide you with a fast and simple route to Building Regulation compliance.


JHAI is an Approved Inspector, licensed by the Government via the Construction Industry council and provides Building Control for all types of building projects. hup! walls and roofs are fully Building Regulation compliant and have been pre-approved by JHAI to minimise red tape and provide you with a fast and simple route to Building Regulation compliance.


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