Why Do I Have Condensation On My Windows?

You know that it’s winter when you open your curtains first thing in the morning and are greeted by the sight of condensation on your windows.

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It isn’t the prettiest of sights and when condensation occurs frequently and is left alone, it can eventually result in mould and excess damp, with both potentially causing structural damage and impacting on your health.

The appearance of window condensation is due to insufficient ventilation and poor heating in the home. Any water vapour in the air needs to be able to escape and when it’s unable to, that’s what triggers condensation. Winter is the worst time for it as the cold makes the air that floats around your house less capable of holding vapour and that’s when water droplets begin to form on the glazed section of your windows.

Condensation can be terminated quite easily though if you’ve had enough of it rearing its ugly head. Our condensation killing tips will help…

  • We’ve had some freezing cold days and we’ve also had some unseasonably warm weather so far this winter. Whenever it’s mild outside, take full advantage and hang out any washing outdoors rather than use your radiators or tumble dryer.


  • When having a bath or taking a hot shower, open the bathroom window first to allow all of the heat to escape.


  • Avoid pushing any pieces of furniture right up against the wall as air needs to be able to circulate properly. There should be a little gap left between the item of furniture and relevant wall.


  • When cooking vegetables in pans make sure that you keep the pan lids on to prevent steam from escaping.


  • Replacing your old single glazed windows and get double or triple glazed windows fitted. Trickle vents can be included in the window units to ensure they offer sufficient ventilation.

Anything else you need to know about condensation can be found in a guide we’ve written about the subject. Get a FREE downloadable copy from Clearview here.



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