What is a Loggia?

First there was the conservatory then there was the orangery and now there’s the Loggia.

But what is a Loggia and what makes it different to other extensions and home improvements?

A Loggia, quite simply put, is a revelation and has breathed new life into the home extension market. Inspired by Italian architecture and the very best of British building excellence, a Loggia totally redefines the conservatory and orangery extension.

What stands out about the Loggia and instantly draws people towards it is its outstanding aesthetics, unique styling and the solidity of the structure. You will immediately reevaluate your expectations of how a contemporary home extension should look the moment you set your eyes on a Loggia.

Much of its solidity can be credited to the ornate column structure which creates beautiful clean lines. Most Loggia’s contain a 4 corner column system, though it is possible to have a 7 column Building Regulation compliant Loggia. They can be utilised as either full height glazed walls or ‘dwarf walls’ and incorporated in different ways to achieve different styles, making the Loggia feel like a natural extension of the house.

It isn’t until you walk into a Loggia for the first time that you realise it has stunning internal plastered walls and ceilings too. It also offers another crucial asset and key selling-point; incredible thermal efficiency.

An extension fit for all seasons

Unlike a traditional conservatory which often provides insufficient temperature control throughout the year and becomes unusable in summer and winter, a Loggia delivers superb U-value performance, guaranteeing a permanently comfortable all-year round living space.

Flexibility in design

There are a variety of Loggia styles available including the classic, glass-to-floor, or dwarf wall Loggia, all designed to complement and enhance the existing personality and style of the home. The design you commission will be determined by both its appearance and the amount of light and sky you want to allow into the space. One thing is for sure, whatever design you choose will be one of a kind; no two Loggia’s are ever the same.

A speedy installation process

A further appealing aspect of Loggia conservatories and Loggia orangeries for interested buyers is that they can be constructed quicker than many traditional orangeries and bespoke conservatories. Those who already own a home extension need not despair. You can have your existing conservatory or orangery converted into a Loggia.

Expect the valuation of your home to rise as a consequence of having a Loggia fitted, but selling up will be the last thing on your mind when you discover how glamorous Loggia living is.

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