Is Triple Glazing A Solution For Keeping Noise Out Of Homes?

It’s only now that we’re in quarantine that you realise how much of a noisy place the world usually is, more so for some homeowners than others. 

If on a regular day you are hit by a wall of sound from the outdoors whilst indoors at home, it can drive you a bit crazy. 

What can you do to stop it? 

Sticking cotton wool in your ears isn’t practical, so you have to look into other options, such as installing triple glazing, which according to many, offers great soundproofing. 

How true is that? It is to an extent as triple glazed windows and doors can be good for reducing noise, but they have to be put together in a certain way to have the necessary effect. 

The choice of glass is important and what you want is a thick glass. However, the three glass panes should never have the same thickness – they all need to have a contrasting thickness or else they will have little impact. Between those glass panes there needs to be a large air gap. 

Building regulations will sometimes require you to have trickle vents in any replacement windows, but if your current windows don’t have them, neither will the replacements. An omission of trickle vents is helpful for counteracting external noise as then it can’t get in through them. 

A well-built triple glazed window or door isn’t all you need. It must also be sufficiently fitted and well-sealed, with no gaps around the perimeter of the frame. Clearview is a well-established window and door installer that always fits windows and doors as required to perform. 

While you have some time, check around the house to see if noise comes in from anywhere else, such as through your roof, walls and floors. That will need to be resolved too if you want a quieter home life. 


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