The Backstory Of The Conservatory

Conservatory design has advanced at a rapid rate over the past few years with countless variations created, many of which are sold at Clearview, but have you ever wondered how the original conservatory came into being?

Well, it dates back to the 16th Century and was originally used as a place for growing fruit, typically lemons and oranges which previously had to be imported from warmer climates. This remained to be its primary purpose in England until the 19th Century when conservatory building really began to take off.

It did so because of the nation’s growing love of gardening and the development of new glass and heating technology, two essential components in conservatory design. For a good example of a landmark conservatory born at this pivotal time look no further than Kew Gardens, a building constructed from both iron and glass where numerous plants can be seen flourishing within its surrounds.

The only time conservatory building slowed was during the Second World War, but it progressed again most notably in the 1950’s and 1960’s due to the introduction of insulated glass which allowed for the development of simple sunroom structures. The 1970’s then saw architects and builders start to use insulated glass to recreate the Victorian styling of 19th Century conservatories into smaller versions suitable for the home.

In the present day, a conservatory is only classed as so if it has more than 50% of its wall surface glazed. Much has been done to make that glass as energy efficient as possible so that the natural light of the sun can easily pass through it and the internal temperature is comfortable during both winter and summer.

So there you have it. Why not get a conservatory and own a little slice of history.

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