See Double Glazing As A Viable Alternative To Solar Technology

As of today the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), a government initiative which pays homeowners money for the energy they product via solar panels, has been cut. Instead of receiving 43.3p per kWh of energy, consumers will now only earn 21p per kWh of excess energy from the renewable source.

The original FIT rate gave thousands of UK homeowners an incentive to invest in green technology which is partly why the government has decided to slash the previous rate in half. As you can guess the news has not gone down well with solar companies as they now expect the intake for solar panels to decrease substantially.

If you were previously considering investing in solar panels but have had second thoughts since the news was announced then you can save money on energy bills via other methods.

Double glazing in Manchester, double glazing in Liverpool and double glazing in Preston is a proven winner when it comes to driving down the cost of energy and it can be purchased and installed for a fraction of what it costs to install solar technology.

Excessive reliance on your boiler will not be necessary as you can rely on your windows to provide you with the warmth and comfort you need throughout the year at a cost you can afford.

Like with solar panels, you will get at least 20 years’ worth of cheaper energy from installing double glazed windows as this is their expected lifespan. During that time, they will usually be under guarantee and will be fixed by your chosen installer should anything go wrong with them.

Although the long-term savings may not be as substantial as what you can expect from solar, you will still save an enormous amount of money, more than enough to justify their initial cost.

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