How To Protect Your Windows Against Condensation

Condensation is a real problem in many households during the autumn and winter seasons. It’s unsightly and potentially damaging in a number of ways when left and ignored.

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Mould and damp can eventually occur and this can cause inhabitants to suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma. Any aggressive mould and damp can even cause structural damage to a property.

Why does condensation happen? It’s generally because of inadequate ventilation as this prevents any moisture generated indoors from escaping.

It is important to point out though that any external window condensation is just the dew that we commonly see first thing in the morning and late evening.

So, how do you stop it? That’s what a lot of our customers ask and we offer them the following window condensation prevention tips:

  1. Outside drying

We know that warm days in the North can be few and far between, but when the weather is fine refrain from drying your clothes indoors and hang them up on the washing line outside. Indoor drying causes a build-up of excess moisture.

  1. Keep a lid on things

Your pan lids should be kept firmly on top of any pans when cooking and you should either turn on your extractor fan or open the kitchen window so that any excess moisture produced whilst cooking can be fully extracted.

  1. Invest in a dehumidifier

Condensation can be combated with a dehumidifier as it will reduce humidity in the home. Once again, it removes moisture from the air and subsequently reduces the likelihood of damp or mould occurring.  It can also be used to help you dry clothes indoors in winter.

  1. Carefully arrange furniture

Try to avoid placing your furniture too close to any walls in your house. Leave a little gap between your e.g. armchair and the relevant wall so that air can properly circulate around the building and doesn’t become trapped.

  1. Wipe it away

Mould will be less likely to occur when you wipe away condensation from the window frames and cills using something like a kitchen towel or a squeegee. A handheld window vac might be worth thinking about it as that will also keep your windows streak-free.

Call Clearview for further guidance on condensation or refer to our Helpful Guide to Condensation which you can download for FREE here.


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