Why A Prefabricated Extension Doesn’t Compare To A Conventional Extension

Prefabricated extensions, also known as modular extensions, are fast becoming popular among homeowners who are blindsided by the more affordable and fast option.

External View of Home Extension

However, you simply cannot compare the quality of a conventional extension to a prefabricated extension. 

Prefabricated extensions are pre-built, primarily off-site in a factory, and then transported to your home to be installed within a short space of time. 

This is a stark contrast to conventional extensions which are properly built at your home with a dedication to ensuring everything works just right for property. 

We understand you want to be enjoying your extension as soon as possible, but this is not something that should be completed hastily. 

Clearview does not install prefabricated extensions. The simple reason is we believe they are inferior to a traditional extension in every aspect.

Modular extensions use less material, less manpower and do not have the same attention to detail.

Prefabricated extensions are also rigid in customizability, compared with the many options Clearview can offer you to tailor and personalise the extension design to your taste. 

Unlike how a conventional extension adds value to your house, a modular extension can put off potential buyers because they are often seen as a hindrance as they are unlikely to last. 

We are proud to offer a 20-year guarantee on our extensions but we would be unable to offer the same comprehensive reassurance to our customers if we were to sell prefabricated extensions.

Furthermore, a modular extension is branded as a ‘non-standard construction’ and homes with these types of constructions can make it more difficult to get a mortgage. So if there is a possibility that you may move house at some point, you may want to opt for a conventional extension.

At Clearview, we like to do things properly. Read up on our proper extensions in our living spaces brochure here.

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