Which Orangery Style Will Best Suit Your Home?

Whether your home is more of a periodic build or a modern new build, an orangery will be the perfect addition to your home.

Modern Glass Roof Orangery

What is an orangery?

Orangeries were first seen in Italy! Back then the elegant structure was used for growing their famous citrus fruits and exotic plants, but now they have become popular around the world they are used as an elegant living space, whereby people can enjoy the outdoors and views of their garden whilst being comfortable inside their home.

The orangeries we now see include high volume brickwork, long glazed sections, columns and lantern roof panels to allow more natural light in.

The added brickwork of orangeries found in the UK gives the feel of an orangery being additional space and creates a natural flow of the home, as opposed to home extensions made from different materials that feel like an add on.

Which style is right for your home?

The important thing to consider when choosing an orangery for your home is the style you want.

You must take into consideration the style of your home, brickwork, colour finish and also which additions you prefer. Doors are very important to consider – more modern homes generally suit bi-bolding doors to keep the flow of modern lines, yet more traditional or country homes can suit a french door more.

There are three main materials we recommend for orangeries, those are:

UPVC – this material is popular with more modern homes. The look and feel to match the windows and doors we now see implemented on new builds and homes built from the 1970s onwards.

Aluminium – with the material combination of Aluminium, it is the most flexible and changeable material of them all, meaning it can be changed and adapted to fit any shape or design desired.

Heritage – this material gives the feel of traditional but with the security and energy efficiency aspect UPVC brings. It allows you to ensure you not to ruin the aesthetics of the home whilst still benefiting from modern technology.

You can also add on a tiled roof. Although this can mean a slight loss in light, you can always add roof lanterns to still get the look and feel of a normal orangery but with the flow of light continuing through your home.

Personal preference is definitely something to take into consideration when finding the perfect orangery for your home.

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