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The Energy Saving Trust has revealed that it has been inundated with phone calls from homeowners concerned about keeping their properties warm this winter. As the temperature has got colder in the last few weeks, many have been asking for any tips that they could suggest and one of the most common is to have double glazing installed. If there is anyone having a similar experience in the North West, Clearview ought to be your first port of call.

Double glazing in Warrington is essential in such situations as it is a proven way of ensuring that as little hot air is able to pass through into the outdoors and therefore become wasted. The PVC windows we create and supply are all rated alphabetically, with ‘A’ rated windows being the most energy efficient. All our windows are at least ‘C’ rated as we want homes to be as well insulated as possible and to reduce carbon footprints which are damaging to the planet.

New windows serve more of a purpose than just keeping homes at a comfortable temperature. They can also give it a fresh appearance as designs will very often consist of eye-catching lines and overall better looks. PVC sash windows are a perfect example as the UPVC material used on them will bring something that no traditional window could offer, that being sophistication and stylishness. We also offer casement and white grain windows for those seeking a different style of window.

Once your new windows are fitted by Clearview, you can be assured of a warm household during the winter time for next 20-30 years. Should this not be the case you need not worry as your windows will be covered under guarantee for the first 10 years.

Take our word for it, Clearview is a clear choice for everything home-related.

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